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  • Sat, April 07, 2018 5:58 PM | Anonymous

    We are so excited to kick-off this program and so are these young females! We meet at Lipscomb University on March 21st to meet the mentees and introduce them to their mentors.

    We have 9 mentees so far and 8 mentors and so appreciative to these volunteers who will have a huge impact in the lives of our future Tech Leaders. You will have the opportunity to meet our mentees at future WiTT meetings as well as can volunteer to be a mentor if this is an area of passion for you. If you would like to learn more please reach out via the WiTT Website under Outreach. We would love to have you as we progress forward with this program and very confident it will continue to grow.

    A special thanks to Emilie Francis, WiTT Coordinator, and to our Lipscomb team, Shawna Denny, Administration & Coordination and Brett Ramsey, Associate Director Computing & Technology Recruiting as we could not have done this without them.

  • Sat, April 07, 2018 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    Teen Tech week was a great success. With the support of our awesome volunteers, we were able to respond to four different schools in the Metro Nashville Public Schools, ran 8 different sessions, and provided opportunities to over 200 young girls to explore the word of Technology. The girls had the chance to interact with professionals from the industry and engage in various STEM-based activities. Amanda Bell from Jackson National, Talia Di Domenico from Plow Group, and Allison Klingelhoets from Tractor Supply assisted with coding activities introducing students to the basics of HTML and CSS while building their very first webpage portfolio.

    Other activities included basic circuitry and electronic programming; according to some students, learning how to program microprocessors gave them a sense of empowerment, excitements, and interests in learning more. We also had amazing speakers joining us to speak to our students. Anca Pop from Striker Advisory talked about Cyber Security and the need of female in this area. Nanette Brooks from Lean Solutions Services spoke about STEM careers and how to score in STEM highlighting another meaning of the Entrepreneur in STEM. A special “Thank You” goes to Emilie Francis from Plow Group for her time and effort to help pulling this event together.

    Here's what some of the participants had to say:

    " On Thursday 03.08.2018, and Friday 03.09.2018, during Teen Tech Week, there was a life changing event at Apollo Middle School. Each day, 50 young ladies gathered in my Robotics Class and had the distinct pleasure of being taught microprocessors under the direction of Mrs. Joumana Rahime from WiTT (Women in Technology). It was absolutely amazing. To see all the excitement, and success of the young ladies was extraordinary. The News Crew at Apollo came and videotaped the event, did interviews, and showed the event to the entire school. The response was huge! Now even more girls are interested in learning microprocessors. We were awarded four microprocessors by Mrs. Rahime!!! We are asking for help to get a total of 32 Lilypad Arduino microprocessors, so we can teach a class of 32 girls. I can't wait to organize another event with WiTT. Thank you for the opportunity to help so many young ladies see that they have the skills and determination needed to be successful in Engineering and Technology.” 

    - Yvette Tolliver, STEM+Arts+Robotics Instructor, Apollo Middle Prep

    “I loved the session; my favorite part was being able to create things.”

    - Hoda, Overton High School

    “What we learned today was very cool! I now know how web coding works and learn a lot about coding.” 

    - Sobirjon, Oliver Middle School

    “My favorite part was to program the LED lights to turn on and off in a pattern.” 

    - Kiyah, Apollo Middle School

    “It was really good to learn about all the different STEM careers and the salaries.” 

    - Alexander, Antioch High School

  • Thu, February 22, 2018 9:46 PM | Anonymous

    Thursday, March 8     6-8 pm

    We are celebrating International Women's Day by throwing a big celebration for women in tech community in Nashville! Once a year, WomenGetIT, WiTT, Girl Geek Dinner, Tech Ladies, Nashville Women Programmers, and other women in tech organizations get together for one big bash. You don't want to miss this unique networking event!


    For more information or to register, click here.
  • Mon, February 05, 2018 10:56 AM | Anonymous

    In January, five WiTT Board members were the guest speakers at MTSU’s Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) meeting. Panelists gave their insight, guidance and perspective on various important topics in the tech Industry. 

    The discussion included advice for bridging the gender gap, most important skills for a recent graduate, how to challenge yourself and keep your enthusiasm for your career alive, and many more excellent questions submitted by the students.

    The students had a lot of great questions and were very engaged with and appreciative of hearing our stories. We were amazed that the room filled to capacity with standing room only!Here’s what Holly Yasui, Vice President for AITP chapter, said of the event:

    "I just want to say a huge thank you from AITP and me personally! You guys did amazing, as I knew you would. I have already had students come, and tell me how much they enjoyed it. Students have cited things all of you said that has inspired them, or challenged them in some way. [One of the students] told me that listening to all of you inspired him, and helped him see that he too has something to offer not just the IT community, but the world."

    We will continue to partner with MTSU wherever they need us and look forward to more engagement opportunities where we can help inspire both female and male students.

  • Fri, November 03, 2017 10:44 AM | Anonymous

    Exposure is a key to inspiring individuals and sparking interests in the field of technology. That's exactly what happened during the Hour of Code session that we conducted last year at Two Rivers Middle school. 

    Nora Moses, the Library Media Specialist, had invited us to engage her students with a hands-on coding activity. After the session, she was so inspired that she later quit her job to pursue education in Technology. She is currently undergoing a program at Nashville Software School with aspiration to re-career in Software Development. 

    Connie Sharp, the Librarian Training & Development Specialist who also attended the Hour of Code session last year, invited us to participate in October's Librarian Professional Development Day where we conducted a coding training session for the Librarians and Media Specialists at Metro Nashville Public Schools.

    We're excited to share these stories of how education and outreach introduced a new group of women to tech-related skillsets and job opportunities. Find out more about WiTT’s community outreach initiatives and how you can get involved.

  • Mon, September 25, 2017 5:15 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, and players!


  • Tue, June 13, 2017 5:04 PM | Deleted user

    The camp was a success! There were a total of twelve girls attending, ranging between fifth graders thru tenth. This was a unique program that provided the initial building blocks of creating Wearable Technology. The activities provided students with a unique opportunity to learn about the engineering process, computer programming, basic circuity and sewing. It was very rewarding seeing the young girls loving and getting excited about creating programmable e-textiles. 

    Comments from the Attendees: 

    Student Information:

    Gitanjali (Anjali) Rao, 7th Grade, Brentwood Middle School

    How did you like this camp and what was your favorite part?

    I loved this camp! I really enjoyed sewing with the electrical thread. I never knew there was such thing and you can make a lot of different stuff light up!

    What do you think you will be pursuing as a field?

    I want to go into either biomedical field or artificial intelligence


    I just wanted to say that this camp was one of my all-time favorite camps and I would definitely want to come back. I am also glad I got the opportunity to be part of this camp and it helped me learn several different things that I would have never known. Thank You so much!

    Student Information:

    Mica Mancini, 8th Grade, Page Middle School

    How did you like this camp and what was your favorite part?

    I loved it. I love to learn new things and this camp opened my eyes to the world of technology.

    What do you think you will be pursuing as a field?

    Possibly technology after doing this camp.

    Student Information:

    Shreeti Amit, 8th, Page Middle School

    How did you like this camp and what was your favorite part?

    This camp was very fun and has taught me a lot. My favorite part was coding to make our development boards light up.

    What do you think you will be pursuing as a field?

    Previously, I wanted to go into a medical career. But this camp has sparked my interest towards technological careers.


    Thank you for a wonderful time and all the things I have been taught.

    More Pictures

  • Wed, April 26, 2017 1:52 PM | Deleted user

    TECH Academy 2017 - 5/30/2017

    WiTT members, you don't want to miss this event! It is the same day as our regularly scheduled meeting.  Our lunch, will include those who are also attending this conference. Take a look at the exciting agenda that has been put together and register for a day filled with fantastic information!

    Register Here

    Pathway Lending and Pathway WBC will be hosting its 2nd annual Tech Academy in partnership with Women in Technology of Tennessee with special guest and lunch key note speaker Mila Grigg of MODA Image and Brand Consulting. 



    8:00am-8:45am: Registration, networking, and printing your conference swag with Hip Hues

    9:00am-10:00am: Kickoff Panel: Driving for Innovation and Women in Technology

    10:15am-11:00am: Morning Breakout Session Options:

    - Technology for Entrepreneurs 101: Tips, Trends and How To’s, presented by mixtroz

    - How Not to Ruin Your Business with Technology, presented by Affinity Technology Partners

    - Cash Flow Hacking: Insights into POS and Bookkeeping, presented by Dimeta Smith CPA

    11:00am-11:30am: Networking and vendor interaction

    11:30am-1:00pm: Lunch Keynote: Techo-Branding Your Work, Mila Grigg, MODA Image and Brand Consulting

    1:15pm-2:00pm: Afternoon Breakout Session Options:      

     - 10 Mobile Apps for Small Businesses, presented by Angela Proffitt

     - Business Responsibilities with Cyber Security, presented by Jordan Stivers of Bradley

     - Harnessing the Power of Your CRM, presented by Virsys12

    2:15pm-3:00pm: Closing Breakout Session Options:

    - Automate and Repeat: Digital Tools to Build a Sales Funnel, presented by SalesCocktail

    - Content Is King: Making your social and digital content work together (Parachute Media)

    - Real Talk: Knowing When to Invest in Tech, How to Budget, and Who to Hire, presented by Centresource

    Register Now!

    Tech Academy is Supported by:

  • Mon, March 27, 2017 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    Nashville Girl Geek Dinner and sponsors, Google and Google Fiber, invite you to celebrate the coming together of the incredible organizations who serve the growing number of women present in our Nashville software and technology communities!

    The event will be held on April 20th from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM at the Entrepreneur Center, who has graciously donated their space to us for this amazing event!

    We are celebrating the great work of these awesome organizations!!

    Nashville Girl Geek Dinner

    Women in Technology of Tennessee

    Nashville Women Programmers


    Tech Ladies

    Google Women Tech Makers Makers

    It is through the commitment of these organizations that we are seeing more women transition into careers in software or technology, are forging new and lasting relationships, are active in impacting change through outreach efforts to our youth, providing scholarships to our youth, and so much more.

    This is a month of celebration! This is a month to recognize us and be proud of the efforts to serve this amazing tech community we have in Nashville.

    Photo booth available through generous donation by Arcivr

    Beverages graciously available through donation by Iron Yard Nashville

    Register here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/celebrating-nashville-women-in-tech-sponsored-by-google-and-google-fiber-tickets-32908352769

    Event Details:

    5:30-5:45 Networking/ Snacks

    5:45-6:05 Introduction of Individual Organizations

    6:05-6:15 Tomiko Peirano - My Contribution to my Tech Community and Beyond

    6:15-6:30 Thuy Rocco - Power of Teamwork through Diversity and Inclusion

    6:30-6:45 Lana Israel, Founder/ CEO of Muzology

    6:45-7:45 Let’s Get to Know One Another!

    7:45-8:00 Wrap up/ Clean Up

  • Sun, February 26, 2017 11:42 AM | Deleted user

    WiTT Announces First Winners of Groundbreaking Partnership Scholarship Program 

    CTS, Tractor Supply Company, MTSU and Women in Technology Tennessee Team up to Offer Ground Breaking Scholarship 


    Nashville, Tenn. Monday February 13, 2017: Women in Technology Tennessee (WiTT) recently announced the winners of a new, first of its kind, scholarship benefiting women in Computer Information System (CIS) majors at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Partnering with CTS and Tractor Supply Company, WiTT has coordinated a $2,500 scholarship from each organization to help a qualifying female CIS major at MTSU who will also benefit from an internship at the company that selects her. Additionally, WiTT will match each scholarship with an additional $1,000, resulting in a $3,500 total scholarship for each candidate along with mentorship by professional women in technology. 

    Itasca Liddell was named by Tractor Supply as the first winner of the new scholarship to help promote women in the computer sciences.  Liddell is in the accelerated Bachelors and Master’s program in the Information Systems group at MTSU.  She will be graduating with her Bachelors in May 2017, and continuing in the fall of 2017 to finish her Master of Science in Information Systems with a concentration in Business Analytics. 

    CTS named Stephanie Henry as their inaugural recipient of the scholarship.  Henry is a CIS major at MTSU. Henry started college as a pre-med biology major, but switched to CIS after she “fell in love” with her web development course.  Henry was accepted into MTSU’s accelerated Master’s program and will earn her Bachelors and Masters in CIS in May 2018.  

    WiTT’s continued mission to empower women and girls in technology through education, outreach, mentoring and networking aligns with all of the other efforts in Middle Tennessee to promote both the interest in STEM programs and the development of a competitive workforce that will entice future companies’ growth. Rita Rediker, President of WiTT stated, “We are so happy that these two accomplished women are able to represent WiTT, MTSU, and our corporate sponsors CTS and Tractor Supply in such a graceful way.  Both women are dedicated to a career in computer science, and they have already shown that they are serious about their studies and becoming a contributor to a future employer. 

    Companies interested in partnering with WiTT and MTSU should submit interest via email at membership@wittn.org. Students interested in being considered for a scholarship can apply using this link to the application: WiTTScholarshipApplication.docx  

    MTSU: With an enrollment of about 23,000 students, MTSU is the largest university in the Tennessee Board of Regents system. We are also the number-one choice for our state's transfer students and the number-one provider of graduates to the Greater Nashville economy. We also lead the TBR system in total bachelor's degree graduates each year, and are tops among all state universities for adult graduates. Computer Information Systems (CIS) was established in 1972 as a department within the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited Jennings A. Jones College of Business. Since that time, it has continued to grow and is recognized throughout Middle Tennessee and the southeastern region of the United States as a progressive and competent program. Learn more atwww.mtsu.edu. 

    CTS:CTS is a software consulting firm specializing in solving complex business problems with custom IT solutions. Since 1993, we have delivered Software Development, Business Intelligence, Quality Assurance, and Application Support solutions to enterprise clients across the Southeast. We deliver all engagements using only our full time staff of 350+ and our reliable, quality-driven approach. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, CTS has offices in Nashville, TN, Chattanooga, TN, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Mobile, AL. Learn more atwww.askcts.com. 

    Tractor Supply Company: Tractor Supply Company is the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in the United States. The company operates over 1,500 retail stores in 49 states, employs more than 23,000 team members and is headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn. Its stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol "TSCO". We live by our mission, “To work hard, have fun and make money by providing legendary service and great products at everyday low prices.” Our culture—driven by our core Mission and Values—empowers each employee to use what they learn and pursue their goals in a collaborative, open environment. Lean more atwww.tractorsupply.com. 

    Women in Technology Tennessee: Women in Technology Tennessee (WiTT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating new possibilities for women to advance and succeed in technology careers. WiTT provides a forum to empower women in technology through education, outreach, mentoring and networking. WiTT continues to evolve to meet the needs of professionals in a rapidly changing industry. Learn more at www.wittn.org 

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