Teen Tech Week Recap

Sat, April 07, 2018 5:30 PM | Anonymous

Teen Tech week was a great success. With the support of our awesome volunteers, we were able to respond to four different schools in the Metro Nashville Public Schools, ran 8 different sessions, and provided opportunities to over 200 young girls to explore the word of Technology. The girls had the chance to interact with professionals from the industry and engage in various STEM-based activities. Amanda Bell from Jackson National, Talia Di Domenico from Plow Group, and Allison Klingelhoets from Tractor Supply assisted with coding activities introducing students to the basics of HTML and CSS while building their very first webpage portfolio.

Other activities included basic circuitry and electronic programming; according to some students, learning how to program microprocessors gave them a sense of empowerment, excitements, and interests in learning more. We also had amazing speakers joining us to speak to our students. Anca Pop from Striker Advisory talked about Cyber Security and the need of female in this area. Nanette Brooks from Lean Solutions Services spoke about STEM careers and how to score in STEM highlighting another meaning of the Entrepreneur in STEM. A special “Thank You” goes to Emilie Francis from Plow Group for her time and effort to help pulling this event together.

Here's what some of the participants had to say:

" On Thursday 03.08.2018, and Friday 03.09.2018, during Teen Tech Week, there was a life changing event at Apollo Middle School. Each day, 50 young ladies gathered in my Robotics Class and had the distinct pleasure of being taught microprocessors under the direction of Mrs. Joumana Rahime from WiTT (Women in Technology). It was absolutely amazing. To see all the excitement, and success of the young ladies was extraordinary. The News Crew at Apollo came and videotaped the event, did interviews, and showed the event to the entire school. The response was huge! Now even more girls are interested in learning microprocessors. We were awarded four microprocessors by Mrs. Rahime!!! We are asking for help to get a total of 32 Lilypad Arduino microprocessors, so we can teach a class of 32 girls. I can't wait to organize another event with WiTT. Thank you for the opportunity to help so many young ladies see that they have the skills and determination needed to be successful in Engineering and Technology.” 

- Yvette Tolliver, STEM+Arts+Robotics Instructor, Apollo Middle Prep

“I loved the session; my favorite part was being able to create things.”

- Hoda, Overton High School

“What we learned today was very cool! I now know how web coding works and learn a lot about coding.” 

- Sobirjon, Oliver Middle School

“My favorite part was to program the LED lights to turn on and off in a pattern.” 

- Kiyah, Apollo Middle School

“It was really good to learn about all the different STEM careers and the salaries.” 

- Alexander, Antioch High School

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