Wearable Technology Workshop for Girls

Wed, June 20, 2018 9:26 PM | Anonymous

When creativity merges with science, talents and untapped passions are discovered. During the three-day wearable technology workshop, a group of middle and high school girls began to develop and utilize creative, digital skills through the creation of tech-based projects. 

Ahmed Baali, Field Engineering Investigation from Nissan North America, visited our STEM workshop to speak about the implementation of technology in the automotive industry. The students were engaged and inquisitive, which is indicative of interest and newfound passion. 

We hope that, by raising awareness and providing such opportunities, more young girls will enter the STEM field in the future. STEM is a dynamic field, and to guarantee success in the modern world, we must inform the youth of the importance of technology.

Feedback from Students

“I have always been interested in the medical field since I’ve never been exposed to engineering. However, after this camp I will be considering engineering. This camp was awesome, and I learned so much while having fun. I would want students in the schools to learn how to put lights and sounds into card-making. It was such a cool way to express our creativity and design through the engineering design process”. Ramya Vadapalli, 10th Grade, Ravenwood High School

“I loved this workshop more than I thought I would. I am glad my mom made me come. The part I liked the most was when we made our own stuffed object and we put LED lights in it wherever we wanted it to light up”. Kevelyn Syas, 11th Grade, Oakland High school

“I really liked this session, it opened new doors that I didn’t even know were possible and I had so much fun while doing so. My favorite part was sewing my car together and seeing it light up. Overall, it was an experience that I definitely recommend.” Sloane Chestler, 10th Grade, Ensworth School

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