Girl Power Camp

Mon, August 20, 2018 9:33 PM | Anonymous

It is very rewarding seeing young girls exploring STEM through engaging hands-on activities to find excitement and passion for fields they would not have learned about without the opportunities WiTT and our volunteers are providing. 

Here is what Janice Wildrick, an Android Developer, had to say after volunteering at Girl Power Camp:

“What an amazing experience volunteering at the Girl Power Camp! The memory that will stay with me the longest was one particular table of girls. As I was handing out the circuitry parts, each of the girls at the table said she was bad at engineering.  

As I worked with them on and off through the lesson, we talked a lot about how engineering (and STEM overall) isn't about getting things right the first time. What makes a person good at engineering is getting something wrong and going back to it over and over again until they figure out why it was wrong and how to make it right. 

At the end of the lesson, one of the girls at that table was the only one in class to have successfully inserted an on/off switch in her circuit. She was humble about her success but the pride in her eyes was undeniable; she was beaming.  

Amazing the power of a single hour and a bit of encouragement to change a girl's belief about what she can or can't do. Thanks again for the opportunity to volunteer. It was fantastic!”

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