Night of the Arts at Apollo Middle School

Thu, May 30, 2019 4:34 PM | Anonymous

Night of the Arts had a new flavor this year at Apollo Middle School. Students applied what they learned in their engineering, design, and programming club to create smart and interactive e-textiles. Students were encouraged to be creative, innovative, and tech savvy while learning and acquiring the skills that enable them to design and create artifacts inspired by the STEM kits provided to them by VGT. That is where innovative thinking and creativity are being cultivated and this is where we as WiTT continue to encourage and support our youth and girls.

Alexandria Miranda, a 6th grader at Apollo stood very confidently and passionately to explain to us how hard and frustrating it was to complete her project using the conductive threads, making sure they won't intersect so they don't create shortage in her electric circuit and the many other problems she ran into; She stated that  going through the many trial and error was a challenge that she loved making her realize that this might be a type of a career she aspires to. She extended her appreciation to WiTT for providing such an opportunity making her grow a passion for STEM.

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