WiTT Mentor Program Reaches Highest Enrollment Ever!

Sun, November 24, 2019 5:48 PM | Anonymous

We have been running this program at Lipscomb University and MTSU for 3 years and extremely proud that it has grown significantly this fall!  When we started, we had an average of 12 mentees in the program and excited to report that it has grown to 30 this fall!  We also have had an astounding response from our WiTT Community to volunteer as Mentors! 

I just wanted to say thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for taking the time to provide your invaluable talents and experiences to help these young ladies in their career paths. 

I also want to thank my Outreach Team who has lead these two programs and made this possible (Emilie Francis, Brittany Reeves, and Ruth Smith)!  We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Thank you all!



This Fall’s Mentors:

Emily Nash

Barbra Rieger

Kelsey Rowley

Erica Hightower

Lisa Buckley

Sharon Asmus

Kimberly Clay

Tamana Hye

Lauren Lockridge-Davis

April Watson

Sandy Blevins

April Romero

Evila Melgoza

Hannah Moore

Amy Henderson

Mary Mayfield

Ruth Smith

Sarah Daley

Amy Askey

Tina Tsui

Sophia Wing

Amanda Banks

Linda Catlett

Karen Bailey

Katherine Bennett

Anna Siphavong

Yogini Pathak

Courtney Diaz

Kimberly Barboza

Viviana Wesley

Libby Pittman

Nichole Yeargin

Paige Fenwick

Joy Mangrum

Susan Matyas-Breedlove

Alle Amos

Paula Sullivan

Sierra Caskey

Stephanie Judd

Sheila Richardson

Stephanie Goldstein

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